Send me epic build guides and kickass vanlife tips

Send me epic build guides and kickass vanlife tips

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Danielle and Tommy Author Photo

Danielle Boucek & Tommy Kawczewicz

Hi there! We're Danielle and Tommy, and we've been traveling all over North America with our two dogs in our DIY-renovated 1992 Toyota Odyssey motorhome. In over two years on the road, we've gone as far as the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico, to the most northern tip of Nova Scotia, Canada. We're not entirely sure where we're headed next, but that's the fun part about this lifestyle! Follow along with us on Instagram @slowcarfasthome and on our website

Sydney Ferbrache Author Photo

Sydney Ferbrache

Hello! I'm Sydney and I have lived on the road for over two years now. Being on my own and traveling in my van has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that I have discovered parts and abilities of mine that I didn't know I had. My goal on the road is to lead by example that anyone can do this, and I will happily be the friend you may need to push you to get there and walk you through the process. Follow along on my Instagram @divineontheroad and my website

Noami and Dustin Author Photo

Dustin & Noami Grevemberg

Hi! We’re Dustin & Noami, digital nomads and eco-vanlifers. Over three years ago we decided to pursue a life of simplicity and travel. We weren’t seeking comfort or an easy life, we were seeking a life of intention and purpose. Since then, we’ve found ourselves drawn to less, with a realization that we don’t need much to be happy. And the things we value now are not things at all.

We are creators @irietoaurora, founding members @thevanlifeapp, and we share our eco tips at

Christopher Ives Author Photo

Christopher Ives

Christopher Ives is an artist and producer who works with nonprofits, artists, and conscious companies on media and storytelling projects. He lives year-round in his hand-crafted ultra-eco-friendly adventure van with his dog, Tulsi. You can find more details about his non-toxic build on his website and follow along on his adventures on two Instagram accounts: @christopherives and @VitruvianVan.

Lisa Jacobs Author Photo

Lisa Jacobs

Instagram: @vacayvans

Lisa Jacobs is a lawyer, sustainable designer, and writer from Austin, Texas. She is a solo female traveler living full-time in her van Freebird. Her vanlife mantra is "say yes," and this free-spirited mentality has resulted in magical adventures on the road. You can follow her journey on Instagram @vacayvans and on her website

MAK & Owen Author Photo

Mary Ashley Krogh & Owen Chikazawa

We’re MAK & Owen, also known as Bound For Nowhere. We’re a husband/wife team that's been living and working from the road since April 2016 with our cat Luna. We decided to go on the road to chase the things that inspire us and our work. We’re constantly in search of a good hike, swimming hole, surf spot, delicious food, and good people. Life is just too short and this world is too beautiful to sit still. You can follow our adventures on Instagram at @bound.for.nowhere, on YouTube at Bound For Nowhere, and on the web at

Chris and Christi Moody Author Photo

Chris & Christi Mooody

Instagram: @lifeoptedout

Chris and Cristi Moody are writers who moved into their van full-time in 2018. Follow them online at, on Instagram at @LifeOptedOut, and hear more about their project on NPR.

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Send me epic build guides and kickass vanlife tips

Send me epic build guides and kickass vanlife tips

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