Well, it’s that time of year again. That chaotic time when companies fall over themselves to offer us all kinds of crazy deals in the name of consumerism.

Whatever you may think of Black Friday – and how it’s basically become a weeklong shopping frenzy these days – there’s no denying that you can save some significant cash on things that you were planning to buy for your van build and outdoor adventures.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of vanlife-related Black Friday & Cyber Week deals. Some of these deals are already running, some are only Black Friday, and some last clear through next week. But all are deals that will help you get on the road and stay on the road.

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  1. Renogy Cyber Week Sale (15% or 20% off everything)
  2. Renogy Cyber Week Sale (15% or 20% off everything)
    • What: 15% off orders under $2000, and 20% off orders $2000 or over. Discounts can be applied to sale items.
    • When: NOW through November 30th
    • How: Just click the button!

    Renogy makes everything you need for your van's solar electrical system - batteries, solar kits, inverters, DC-DC chargers, accessories, and more. Their solar kits are an easy one-stop-shop to installing solar in your van, and are our top pick for solar kits (we used one of their 400W premium kits in our van).

    Not ready to buy? Our coupon code GNOMADHOME will get you 10% off any time of year.

    Shop Renogy
  3. 15% Off ICECO 12V Refrigerators
  4. 15% Off ICECO 12V Refrigerators
    • What: `15% off all refrigerators
    • When: NOW through November 29th
    • How: Just click the button!

    ICECO 12v refrigerators are our pick for the best value in vanlife refrigeration. They use top quality Danfoss/SECOP compressors, are very efficient, have a high build quality, and a killer warranty - all for about half the price of the top brands.

    ICECO's price point and quality is at the sweet spot. They're a step up from the super budget brands, but don't cost nearly as much as the more premium brands. The bang-for-your-buck is strong with these.

    Not ready to buy? Use coupon code GNOMAD for 12% off all year long.

    Shop ICECO
  5. BougeRV 14% Sitewide Discount
  6. BougeRV 14% Sitewide Discount
    • What: 14% off sitewide
    • When: NOW through December 6th
    • How: Use coupon code BFS14

    BougeRV makes a range of awesome budget-friendly vanlife and RV products, including 12V refrigerators, solar panels, components, and accessories. Both their refrigerators (read our review) and 180W solar panels are our top budget picks in their categories.

    Want even more savings? Our coupon code GNOMAD90 gets you $90 off their 53-qt refrigerator (that's 22% off).

    And, if you're not ready to take advantage of this sale, our coupon code GNOMAD12 gets you 12% off sitewide all year long.

    Shop BougeRV
  7. Dometic Black Friday Sale
  8. Dometic Black Friday Sale
    • What: 20% off + free shipping
    • When: NOW through November 29th
    • How: Just click the button!

    Dometic is one of the most well-known companies in the vanlife and RV world. They make everything from 12V refrigerators, propane stovetops, and roof vent fans, to toilets, awnings, and camping gear. Their CFX3 series refrigerator is our top pick for a high end vanlife refrigerator.

    Shop Dometic
  9. $100 Off RYOBI ONE+ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-Tool Combo
  10. $100 Off RYOBI ONE+ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-Tool Combo
    • What: $100 off Ryobi ONE+ 18V cordless tool bundles
    • When: NOW while supplies last
    • How: Buy online at HomeDepot.com and pick up in store. Or visit your nearest store.

    You need tools to build a van, and Ryobi's offerings are awesome bang for your buck. Their ONE+ 18V cordless tool set includes everything you need to build your van, and then some.

    This is a $300 tool set, and you can get $100 off during this sale. They also offer tool sets with more or less tools, so you can get only what you need.

    Shop Home Depot
  11. 50% off The Dyrt PRO
  12. 50% off The Dyrt PRO
    • What: 50% off The Dyrt PRO annual membership (reg. $35.99/yr)
    • When: NOW through November 30th
    • How: Just click the button!

    The Dyrt PRO is an app for finding free, paid, and dispersed camping.

    But it's not just a camping app. It's also a powerful roadtrip planner that helps you find the best van camping along your route.

    No cell service? The Dyrt PRO has offline search built in. It also offers map overlay layers showing public land and other important data. And with a PRO membership, you can get discounts on select campgrounds and gear.

    You need proper resources to find the best free camping on the road, and the Dyrt PRO is a vital tool for your arsenal.

    Shop The Dyrt
  13. 20% Off Harvest Hosts
  14. 20% Off Harvest Hosts
    • What: 20% off annual membership
    • When: NOW through December 31st
    • How: Use discount code HHFRIENDS20

    Harvest Hosts opens up a world of free camping at wineries, breweries, and farms all over North America (camping is free, but there is the understanding that you'll patronize your host's business while you're there).

    Harvest Hosts is a great option in parts of the US that don't have a ton of public land, like the Northeast.

    This is the biggest discount that Harvest Hosts has ever offered, so now's your chance to jump on a membership.

    Shop Harvest Hosts
  15. 20% off One Item at Backcountry.com
  16. 20% off One Item at Backcountry.com
    • What: Up to 60% off a wide variety of outdoor gear and clothing. Expedition Perks members also get 20% off one full price item.
    • When: Up to 60% off sale runs through November 25th. 20% off sale runs through November 29th.
    • How: Click the button to see all the deals. For 20% off deal, sign up for a free Expedition Perks membership.

    Backcountry.com is one of our go-to places to buy gear for camping and adventures, as well as our "outdoor bro" clothing. Backcountry carries similar products as REI, but often has a wider inventory, more sales, and lower prices.

    Whether you need a tent, an ice axe, or a new Better Sweater so you can hang with the Pata-bro-nias, Backcounty should have what you're looking for.

    Shop Backcountry
  17. 25% Off Everything at Rumpl
  18. 25% Off Everything at Rumpl
    • What: 25% Everything at Rumpl.com
    • When: NOW through November 29th
    • How: Just click the button!

    Our Rumpl Down Puffy blanket is one of our favorite items in our van. It's kept us comfortable everywhere from 21 degree weather in the New Mexico mountains, to 90 degree weather in Missouri.

    Imagine if a sleeping bag were a blanket. Rumpl makes blankets that are super packable, breathable, and somehow both warm in the winter and not-too-hot in the summer.

    While their blankets are their OG item, they've also expanded into ponchos, scarves, beer coozies, towels, and other gear.

    Shop Rumpl
  19. Home Depot Black Friday Sale
  20. Home Depot Black Friday Sale
    • What: Huge savings at Home Depot, including on tools and building materials
    • When: NOW while supplies last
    • How: Order online and pick up in store, or just go to a store

    When we're in the midst of a van build, it sometimes feels like we live at Home Depot. Tools, hardware, lumber, insulation, building materials, electrical wiring - Home Depot has it all.

    If you need some tools or other materials for your van build, it's a good idea to check out the deals at Home Depot. For example, right now you can get a Ryobi One+ cordless 6-tool combo set for $100 off (!!!).

    Shop Home Depot
  21. Amazon Cyber Week Deals
  22. Amazon Cyber Week Deals
    • What: Rotating deals on various items through Cyber Week
    • When: NOW through November 29th
    • How: Just click the button and see what's up!

    Amazon's deals change so frequently through Cyber Week that it's tough to pin them down. But they sell basically everything you might want for your van build, including obscure electrical connectors and other components.

    It's a good idea to keep an eye on their sales throughout the week, and jump on items that you've been holding out on and need for your build.

    Shop Amazon

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