Hello all! It’s me, Nymeria here, and BOY do we have a lot to chat about!

First off, I’ve been stuck eating rice with my breakfast and dinner because Crow ate out of the trashcan and has been throwing up. She’s fine now so hopefully I can stop eating those nasty white pellets but jeez, way to ruin a good meal Crow! (She’s honestly fine now and still hogs the pillows, so no worries).

So we are no longer living in our house, which is different. BUT we have moved in with my grandparents and THEIR AWESOME DOGS! Mom and Dad call them Ewoks – I think that means you have curly hair. Or white hair. Or maybe it means you bark a lot.

Nymeria Harry and Fergie

I guess technically the Ewoks are Dad’s brother and sister since they are Dad’s parents’ kids? I call them my cousins but I think technically they’re my aunt and uncle.

Either way – it. Is. AWESOME! We get to play ALL DAY EVERY DAY! They have a HUGE back yard, with LOTS of leaf piles and Mom and Dad bought me a new frisbee so I’m basically living in heaven and I’m LOVING IT! It definitely helps when Mom and Dad are too busy with the big new dog in the driveway to play with me all day.

nymeria catching frisbee

What were we talking about? OH! The big new driveway dog.

Right, that thing…

So I finally got the chance to go inside of him. It was WAY less gooey than I was expecting. There was wood everywhere! Do all dogs have wood inside of them? Do I have wood inside of me? Sounds like it would be painful but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Nymeria on slippery floor

The “floor” part of his belly was SOOOOO slippery though. I tried to jump out of him a few times because my little feets were just slippering and sliding all over the place to the point that I fell on my own belly (gross….we touched bellies).

I finally was able to get to the “chairs” part of his body and he seemed to have carpeting there and I was slippering dramatically less. Thought I was gonna be a goner there for a second! Can you imagine that? Death by dog floor belly. That would be so embarrassing!

Nymeria in the front seat

Mom and Dad sat in the belly chairs on either side of me while Crow sat in Dad’s lap. They kept petting me and telling me how good I was doing and asking “Isn’t this fun?!”

Ok, Mom and Dad, two things:

  1. I don’t speak human. Just kissies. You know this. You tell Grandma and Grandpa how silly they are when they use human words to their dogs. Yet you still ask me all questions and tell me all things. I KNOW I’M THE CUTEST PUP IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!
  2. YOU try traveling to a park in the belly of a human and tell me how FUN the first time was. Cue throwing puppy shade and eye rolling.

After I calmed down it really wasn’t too bad.

Nymeria looking out window

It was actually super similar to riding in a vehicle. You stop, you go. Trees and houses go by. You can see out of his eyelids just like you can with a windshield. The only difference is we were much taller than Mom and Dad’s old cars, so that was fun!

We ended up going to one of my favorite parks to meet up with some of my best friends (Shout out to Girl, Sammy, and Karen!). I was worried the big new driveway dog was going to steal everyone’s attention away from me like he does at home, and he did at first. Karen got in him and talked about how “Awesome” and “Cool” he was. Sammy and Girl jumped in and out, but I would just run by to get Girl to start chasing me again so HA at you big new driveway dog!

Once we went to the woods though, he hung back. I actually felt kind of bad. He just sat in the parking lot while we got to run and run and run through all the trees and leaves and sticks. I’m not sure why he didn’t follow us. Maybe he’s just shy.

I was actually kind of excited when we got out of the woods and he was still there. Talk about a loyal dog, huh?

van waiting in the parking lot

It’s hard for me to stay longer than two minutes when Mom’s in the SAME ROOM as me. He not only stayed when Mom and Dad were totally out of sight, but he just sat there for over a whole hour! I wonder if he did Stray Rescue training as well?

We rode around in him a few more times that day. I got more and more used to it, but I still had trouble with his wood belly floor. Mom and Dad keep telling me I’m going to like him even MORE once they…put a bed in him? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds like a very intrusive thing to do to a poor dog.

Nymeria checking out electrical stuff

Now we are back home and every once in awhile I peek out the front window just to double check he is still sitting in “stay” for Mom and Dad outside. And he’s still there. And don’t tell Mom and Dad, but I do get excited when I see him sitting out there in the driveway.

I wonder where the big new driveway dog is going to take us next.

where to next van life

Well, that’s it for now. Time to go cuddle with Crow and dream about chasing squirrels. Don’t forget to follow our adventures with the driveway dog on Instagram and Facebook. Woof!

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