Awesome deals and discounts that we’ve negotiated with some of our favorite vanlife-related companies – just for you!

10% off Renogy Products

10% off solar kits, inverters, DC-DC chargers, accessories, and more! (Excludes sale items and batteries).

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12% off ICECO Refrigerators

12% off our top pick for best overall value in vanlife refrigerators.

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5% off Dometic Products + free shipping

5% off our top pick for high end vanlife refrigerators, mobile living accessories, and more.

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$90 off BougeRV 53-Qt Fridge

Upgrade your rig with a discount off our top pick for budget 12V refrigerators.

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16% off All BougeRV Products

12% off best budget buy 12V fridges, solar panels, charge controllers, tools, accessories, and more.

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$40 off Outdoorsy Rentals

Take vanlife for a test drive. Rent a campervan or RV on Outdoorsy and get up to $40 off your booking.

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15% Off Harvest Hosts

Yearly membership that allows you to camp at wineries, breweries, and farms around North America for free!

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3% Off Eclipse Sunshades

One of our favorite van add-ons. Click the button below for 3% off your purchase. You won’t regret it.